98K Hand Operated Drones Review

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Here’s our review of the 98K Hand Operated Drones.

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Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Incredibly affordable
  • Durable and easy to maneuver
  • Each drone weighs just a couple of ounces


  • It takes a while to figure out how to make the drone hover.

I had a lot of fun when I gave this toy drone concept a try. My son is on the smaller side of things so a lot of his toys are marketed towards older children. I thought this product was a good example of this, but I really liked the way it was designed and thought it would be a great toy for both boys and girls.

This drone uses a light powered floating concept similar to the current technology they're using in space planes. It also uses inductive power to stay balanced in the air. The technology is really cool because it uses magnets to make the conversion from the power you supply to the propulsion that keeps it afloat.

This drone is very lightweight and will float about a foot off the ground when fully powered. I had a couple of these that I flew around for a while, and they would pretty much stay in the spot I let go of them. They're a bit more flexible than a lot of drones in the market, which is also a plus for kids and parents.

I thought the price point was great for a toy drone with some really cool features. I think you could get a lot of play out of this drone for a really low cost, which will definitely minimize the expense factor.

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