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Today's review is going to look at the Solar Charger.

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Hewlett Packard is the company that has had the solar charger business well covered in the past. If you go with the Hewlett Packard 25000mAh Solar Charger, it is the largest solar charger that is compatible with the iPhone and most Android devices.

It has 4 foldable solar panels that can work as a layer of panels to charge just about any device as they are ideal for a smartphone.

It charge can last about 5 times longer than usual solar chargers. This means it can output about 3200 to 6400mAh of power for a charging speed of 900mA in the sun.

The integrated 25000mAh capacity Lithium Ion Polymer battery can deliver up to about 12 times more power than the solar panels output.

The two-USB port design allows fast charging which is important if the solar panels are in bright conditions and can't give you maximum output.

The LED lights are a handy feature that can be turned on if needed, like to signal for help when lost at night.

The HP solar chargers can be used as emergency light, torch and also a power bank for a phone or tablet. I was able to charge a smartphone from empty to full twice with 4 apps running in about 2 hours. It is large though at about the size of a brick, but for charging, it folds down into a small size about the size of a phone.

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