The Best Dash Cams for Cars (2022 Reviews)

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There’s a few good reasons for adding a dash cam to your vehicle.

Sure, one of the main reasons is to record the details of an event you are involved in. This could be a car accident, hit-and-run, having your car broken into, a fender bender, or a road rage incident. These are just a few examples of how important having video footage of an event could be.

Also, there is the general security that comes from seeing who is around your parked vehicle. That’s a great feature if you are leaving your car parked in an area known for vehicle thefts or vandalism. You will also have video evidence in case your parked vehicle gets hit by someone.

Then let’s talk about that insurance discount on your car insurance. Our review below outlines all the top-rated dash cams that will help you save money on your car insurance.

So, if you have been toying with the idea of outfitting your car with a dash cam, our reviews below will hopefully shed some light on what’s available and how valuable having one of these in your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best car dash cam to buy?

While the market is now flooded with a wide variety of dash cams, picking the right one is still no easy task.

Overall size and dimensions are an important factor. You’ll need to make sure it fits in your dashboard and keep in mind that it will likely be undisturbed for a while. So a dash cam that’s easily adjustable and doesn’t take up too much space is critical.

The two primary dash cam types are the single channel and the dual channel. These typically have TV-out video-in ports to allow a rear view of the road from your rear-facing camera.

Finally, check customer reviews for other important factors like ease of use, performance, and battery life. It’s also important to check the connection of cables and the availability of additional features like GPS and the like.

Are dash cams worth it?

Worth it? That is an understatement. A dash cam can turn your average drive on a daily basis into a suspense thriller. And an accident that might have cost you thousands of dollars in damages can be turned into a trivial event with the help of a dash cam.

Because of these advantages, many insurance companies are even becoming interested in the technology. Insurance companies would love it if all their clients had a dash cam installed in their cars and a valid accident insurance. Having a dash cam can in many cases have a multiplying effect on your insurance payments because of the reduced risk your chances of being involved in an accident become and the better the quality of videos your camera is able to deliver.

Ah, but dash cams are not just for insurance. You can also make a movie with your dash cam, or just stunning footage of places you have been; explosions, meteor showers, and the like may also be captured.

What is the best dual dash cam?

  • 2 – in- 1
  • Dual dash cam s are designed to work in both black and white, and night and day. With these dash cams, you will be able to install them at the front and rear of your vehicle to record car attacks from the front and the back of your car.

The ** 2 -in-1 ** dual dash cam also captures conversations in-car and road noise. You will be able to capture the recording in two ways because it gives you an HD, stabilized view of the front and a wide angle view of the derriere.

Top 5 of the best dual dash cam s include:

What is the best reasonably priced dash cam?

If you are looking for a good dash cam, then the Thinkware F50 is a good choice. It is very affordable, has a good video resolution, and is one of the smallest on the market.

The size of this camera is another pro, as it takes up less space and doesn’t look like you are trying to start a fight with a giant robot when you plug it in. It also has some good features like audio recording and night vision recording at an exceptional price.

The downside is that the battery life could be longer, the parking mode/loop recording isn’t very reliable, and it doesn’t have a GPS system.


We have created the ultimate guide to finding the best dash cams based on your preferences for design and budget. We have gone over many of the different options you can choose and narrowed those down to our best picks based on testing and research to help you not make an uninformed choice. You can use this guide to help narrow your options to a few top contenders that can meet your needs and encompass most budgets. We believe there is something for every family and lifestyle in our recommended list.

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