DuraVolt Marine Solar Panel Battery Charger Review

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Here’s our review of the DuraVolt Marine Solar Panel Battery Charger.

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Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Includes an inverter with 2 USB ports and a 120-Volt AC outlet
  • Charges a 12-volt battery for use on boats
  • Automatically stores energy in the battery during the day to be used at night
  • Stores power even when the power grid goes down due to storms
  • Has 2 mounting options: railing and deck
  • Offers eight feet of cable for added convenience in placement
  • Includes a USB cable for easy connection to devices
  • Charges more than one device


  • Can get heavy if carrying for long periods of time
  • Doubles as a generator, so charging time is longer than solar generators that only work as a battery charger

The sun is one of the most reliable sources of energy we have available. This DuraVolt Marine solar panel makes use both of this fact and the simple fact that it's lightweight and flexible when it's in the sun.

It's made of durable polymer and has an impressive output that puts out 8.3 watts for a total of 25 watts under optimal conditions. This is the type of output that will charge a battery in 4 hours in full daylight and 12 hours of weak sunlight.

Like all of our picks in this category, it doesn't require any kind of regulator to help the system regulate itself or to keep it from overcharging the batteries. Instead, the battery will simply stop charging once the batteries are full. This allows it to produce 45 amps of continuous output. This is enough to charge a battery with about 35 amps so you will definitely get a significant charge.

The 8.3 Watt solar panel can attach to both sides of the batteries. It's rated to work with 16 or 24-Volt system voltage, as well as many 5-Volt batteries. It also includes a 50-foot-long, 10-gauge solar cable so you can place it in an optimal position.

This is a good choice for the liveaboard or car-camper who wants to reduce their energy costs without purchasing any extra solar parts.

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