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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Backup Camera.

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I purchased this backup camera because I don't like to be blindsided when backing into my garage. I decided to write about it because anyone in a similar situation would benefit from a great mirror backup camera.

This camera does a good job in most lighting situations because it has an ultra-clear display that shows off a 170-degree wide view of the rear and a 140-degree wide view of the front. What I was really amazed by was that you can also use it in night vision mode to drive in low-light situations like suburban neighborhoods.

This camera has a loop-recording feature, which will overwrite old recordings that you're not using, so nothing is missed. When the camera senses an accident, it will automatically begin recording, and if the video is not overwritten in time, you'll have proof that your equipment worked and your car was hit.

The loop recording feature is for automatic overwriting of older recordings to ensure nothing is missed. This is a great feature for car accident and theft cases.

This is the only mirror camera I found that has a full-screen display of the camera you're backing up, including an auxiliary line that pops up for reversing purposes.

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