How to Write Test Cases in Software Testing

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What is a test case?

A test case is basically a set of instructions used to try out one or more applications or a software component under a given condition. Developers use test cases to make sure that the software they’re developing works as it was intended. Software testers use test cases to make sure that the software is working as needed in advance.

Test cases are usually found in test plans. A typical test plan usually consist of more than one test case. Test plans are basically written and documented using a test case template.

How to Write Test Cases? (The Basic Format)

The test case template consists of three parts in general. Let’s take a look at each of these parts separately.

Test Case ID

It is a good idea to begin the test case with a unique identification. Here, you can use the software under test’s number. You may also include the version of the software used and the name of the testing company.

When writing the test case ID, you should make sure to follow a standard format that will be easy for you and others to read. This will help avoid confusion and will help you and others easily recognize and understand your test cases.