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You asked and we listened. Today we will review the iLuv Bluetooth Speaker.

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  • Versatile
  • Solid construction

The iLuv Bluetooth Speaker is probably the best portable Bluetooth speaker on the market today. It's small but packs an extremely big and crisp sound. It also has really great battery life and a bright and vibrant display on the back of the speaker. I like this pick because of the longevity of the speaker and the fact that the speaker lasts at least as long as my phone does.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the iLuv Bluetooth Speaker vs. other competing portable Bluetooth speakers.

The iLuv Bluetooth Speaker is the only portable Bluetooth speaker on the market that uses a proven, industry standard, proprietary connection. Meaning that no one else can connect to the same speaker at the same time while playing their audio.

Quick-charge battery technology.

Independent speaker design.

Ultra slim design.

Lithium battery for superior efficiency and long-lasting battery performance.

Newly redesigned balanced audio chipset has a new audiophile balanced audio performance that provides pristine sound and bass.

Audio mode changes the sound quality to fit the situation.

Up to 10 hours of continuous playback.

Up to 12 hours when using Bluetooth®.

Battery capacity indicator.

Circular, full-color display.

Built-in microphone.

One-to-many connection allows compatible devices, such as your phone, tablet, and Bluetooth® gadgets to connect to the speaker at the same time.

The iLuv Bluetooth Speaker also lets you choose audio modes that will best suit your listening preferences. It features a genuine microphone and a new designed audio chipset that allows for more clear and balanced sound.

Another great feature of the iLuv Bluetooth Speaker is the Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you to connect to your speaker from up to 33 feet away.

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