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Today's review is going to look at the Meural Canvas.

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Our rating: 7 / 10


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Meural is an idea for a digital picture frame that includes a technology called autodimming via their Meural Wall technology which reads light levels, and dims the screen to the set brightness on your wall. Meural Canvas is the first platform to make it possible to see a movie or any video on a square, round or even curved screens.

Here are my overall takeaways:

The biggest advantages of this display are the screen size and the range of scrolling options. When viewing an enlarged image of a photograph, we can see more of the details compared to even a larger flat screen. We also like the fact that we can also move the image to the left, right, or up or down on the display.

One advantage of such a large display is that we can see the image clearly, and see all the details we want. These details are important for photography. We also see the details of a large object such as furniture and art, because the average person could not realistically view such objects with their naked eye.

Another advantage of this digital picture frame is that we also receive the benefits of a large television screen format such as a 4K screen or a high-definition TV TV. Many picture frames feature a TV-like shape because that helps prevent reflections. Even though this display screen is not a TV, we still like the fact that the cloth with an anti-glare coating keeps us from having to fiddle with lights or glare.

We really like the design and the aesthetic appeal of this product. The overall sleek design features a touch of metal along the back of the frame which adds a touch of edginess.

This product does not come with all the plans, apps, and settings included in other digital picture frames, such as a TV-guide system to broadcast the popular television programs we are interested in. Another option we really like is a device that offers pre-loaded video wall which is made up of various images and videos from an online source.

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