Micca Wireless HDMI Extender 1080P Full HD 330ft Long Range 5GHz Transmitter and Receiver Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Micca Wireless HDMI Extender 1080P Full HD 330ft Long Range 5GHz Transmitter and Receiver.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Comes with a remote control for wireless operation
  • Has an antenna cable for high performance
  • You can link and control other compatible devices
  • Perfect for presentations, hanging TVs, gaming, and more
  • Easily pop in the memory card and walk away, you’ll get a notification
  • Very affordable
  • Powerful
  • Can be used with a laptop, chromebook, gaming device, smartphone, or any other device that has an HDMI port.


  • No audio support
  • Not as fast as direct wireless connection
  • Not suitable for those that want a wired option, it doesn’t come with a standard HDMI port.

The Micca Wireless HDMI Extender is really very cool piece of technology if you have a location that cannot accommodate an HDMI cable, or if you want to extend an existing HDMI cable, like the one between your receiver and TV, well beyond the length of your current cable.

The most important feature of the Micca Wireless HDMI Extender, in my opinion, is its dual antenna design and 5GHz signal band which allows for a 300-foot range. The 5GHz signal seems to have a better range, even in dense environments, like large houses, compared to the 2.4GHz signal.

It works by simply plugging in the transmitter, which is what you will plug into the device you want to extend, and plugging in the HDMI source and you are set to go.

The transmitter has a built-in HDMI signal splitter, so you do not need to buy an additional one, and it even has an IR signal pass-back. The built-in splitter is so you can connect the transmitter directly to your TV's HDMI output.

The included IR signal receiver and the included IR blaster cables will help the Extender decode your TV's remote and those functions with work just fine.

The transmitter's transmitter and receiver have a 0.07-second transmission latency, which is very snappy and should not affect your quality of the image. My guess is that it is mainly used for video, video and presentations, and some gaming applications.

The HDMI connection uses the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) protocol to encrypt the video signal. All HDMI cables must transmit HDCP compatible signals to pass through the signal without any loss.

The HDMI cable connectors have gold plated connectors with corrosion resistant contacts, making sure everything stays gold. This helps to prevent degradation of the connection.

The receiver's HDMI input uses an HDMI Type A connector. The transmitter's HDMI input is a mini HDMI connector.

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