NIX Advance 10 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame Review

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Here’s our review of the NIX Advance 10 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame.

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Our rating: 5 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Affordable
  • Can display photo albums
  • Photos can be uploaded to Google Photos
  • 3 pre-installed languages


  • Quality issues
  • No SD slot
  • No wall mounting
  • No interface support

The NIX Advance Model Advance 10 Digital Photo Frame is a great product for displaying photos. It's also a great model because of its 1080p playback quality and the fact that it supports Auto-Rotation, which makes the different photos displayed on top of one another interesting and easy to view.

The resolution of the display is about 1280×800 pixels, or about 95 percent of a full HD resolution display.

The frame is also Energy Star compliant, meaning that it uses less energy during use than frames that don't have this labeling. It also has a built-in five-day clock and calendar which make it easy to schedule slideshow-style viewing for the photos on the frame.

It also supports motion detection, which means that it will automatically turn on and off, providing automatic energy savings. If you like, you can manually turn the frame on and off as needed by using the included remote control.

Users of this frame will find it easy to view photos, especially if you're showing them as a slideshow with different photos displayed one after the other. Auto-Rotation and motion detection are also a great feature so you can avoid having to manually rotate the frame for each photo.

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