Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard Review

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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 9 / 10

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  • Backlit
  • Compact
  • Productive
  • Healing pain

You wouldn't think that a split keyboard design could be comfortable, but Perixx's ergonomic split keyboard design truly is.

The folding keyboard has a natural arm and hand position while typing that minimizes the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It also helps reduce bulkiness by folding up out of the way when not in use.

Perixx gives you two connections options including Wireless 2.4GHz 2.4GHz technology or Bluetooth to your devices. The nano receiver is stored safely in the compartment at the bottom of the keyboard and is easy to retrieve when you want to connect the keyboard.

The rugged and durable wireless keyboard features system requirements of Windows 10 or Mac OS X. It gives you the ability to switch between the two easily. Another great feature is the tactile responsive key with long travel distance that gives a satisfying typing feeling and decreases mistyping.

It also features some convenient shortcuts like volume controls on the function keys and two additional Mac or Windows function keys. The only downside is the tiny arrow keys that are not being created with a split design.

But overall the Perixx Periboard-612 Wireless is a satisfying and comfortable wireless keyboard.

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