4 Smart Technology Must-Haves in Your First Apartment

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Humidity without control can be a real problem. To make sure that you maintain a consistent level of humidity in your home, you should use a Smart Vent that allows you to control the humidity in your place. Set it up to turn off and on automatically. Then you don’t have to worry about adjusting it throughout the day.

You can even install sensors on certain rooms in order to control how much humidity they have. This will help illustrate how much humidity is in those smaller rooms.

Remember, A.C. means Air Conditioning, but also Automatic Control, which means that it is adjusting itself automatically all day every day. A.C. will actually save you money because the system will control itself based on what you have happening in the house.

To give you a better idea of what this looks like, I’m going to walk you through my living room. First, you have a humidifier and all kinds of vents. Then, you have a sensor that is measuring the current humidity. Then, you have a thermostat that is using those measurements to control it to the air conditioner. The air conditioner will turn on and off accordingly to keep that temperature set.


There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work and realizing you forgot to leave a light on. For the most part, you can probably work around this by remembering where you put your keys, wallet, and glasses, but that’s not always the case.

Luckily, there’s plenty of smart things you can do around the apartment that can minimize the need for human memory.

Integrate Smart Lighting into Your Home

Switching on the lights with your smartphone is no longer a futuristic concept. (At least not in the U.S. You can find out if lighting control is available in your area by visiting the Certified Wireless Lighting Suppliers Association website.)

Some links-please do your research-provide data that the energy efficiency of your Internet connected lights is equal to that of your Google-powered Nest.

Although the Nest still does much more than just turn on your lights, it’s a good lesson for the future. With the introduction of new sensors, protocols, and standards, a light switch could easily measure your presence and turn itself on and off based on your needs. That means no more forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

Door Lock

These days, you can get everything from your door knockers to your doorbells fixed up with some tech. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’ll be staying in a place for a while, it’s nice to have your mail delivered to you through your door, rather than to your landlord. You can keep your mail private and even knock on your door when you get it.

You can also use the little door knockers to communicate with others in your house without even leaving your room. When you have house guests, you can use the door lock system to let them know you’re busy without having to yell to them from the other side of the house.

If you need to let someone in within a certain amount of time, you can set a timer to alert you when that time is up. Likewise, if you’re expecting someone and want to go back to bed after you buzz them in, you can set the door lock system to buzz them in without a key, and that way they will let themselves in when they get there.


If money is going to be tight, you’ll need to be smart and thrifty when it comes to purchasing the technology in your first apartment. You should buy the most advanced versions, and make sure save enough money to start investing in home improvement projects.

The appliances in your apartment should be fully wifi-connected. This way, you can control them all from anywhere you are, and you can monitor all of them activity from an app on your smartphone. Take the time to get familiar with your wifi-connected refrigerator, stove, and other appliances. Learning how to use them will make it easier on you when cooking in the kitchen. Also, it’s going to be necessary to learn how they work when you need to call for service.

You’ll want to look up videos on youtube that teach you how to use the products correctly. This will not only help you use them correctly, it will also be great if you’re planning to do the maintenance yourself in the future.