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Here’s our review of the Outdoor TV Antenna.

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  • Gain up to 15dB (150% more than usual HDTV antennas)
  • The height of antenna is 20ft tall, better signal reception
  • High quality, good signal reception, durable structure and waterproof
  • Powered by a USB port, no need to be wired to an electricity source
  • Connects to HDTV, DVR, HDCP support 4K HD TV.


  • There were complaints about the antenna cable, but most of them were about the length and the quality
  • Testing was done in an attic, it would certainly get better if testing was done outdoors. If you're in a place with really strong reception, you probably won't need this antenna.
  • It's only amplified HDTV digital antenna, not an amplifier. The USB amp is used for increasing the gain of antenna, not amplifying the current signal.

This antenna looks kind of cool on its own, but it really works and the best part is it can be installed on a roof, attic or high-up on a high-alcoholamre reception area. It is a powerful antenna with an 11dB noise bridge. This makes it great for high-speed television. It can pull in stations from 87.5-230 Mhz, which includes those channels that overlap and missing channels. This is important because you are probably going to be finding some overlap on your channels and the antenna can take that into account.

The antenna is very easy to install because of the included accessories that make it even easier. This is a great option for anyone seeking a simple antenna with decent reception to save you some money while watching television.

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