Boostwaves Premium HDTV Long Range Digital TV Antenna Review

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Here’s our review of the Boostwaves Premium HDTV Long Range Digital TV Antenna.

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Our rating: 5 / 10

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I'm not going to lie, trying to set up your TV antenna is probably the most frustrating thing to do in your house. You basically "pull" it in and hope the cable companies all delivered everything within their range to you.

The BoostWaves Outdoor Indoor Ultra Long Range HDTV Antenna has a very high reception range, which makes it perfect for all kinds of installers, whether it's on the side of a house, in an attic or even on the roof. It will boost your signal to have HD channels and even 4K, Ultra HD channels.

The kit includes 25 of the smallest zip ties I've ever seen, and that's saying something. Honest.

You will get two RG6 coaxial cables, a cable converter and a little antenna attached that you can rotate. The kit also comes with a 50-foot cable and zip ties. A great feature about these antennas is that they are designed to be used with a variety of HDTVs, and the signal is boosted for maximum performance.

The Long Range Digital TV Antenna is not for everyone, but the fact it can receive more channels over a longer range is a plus if you already have the right antenna. The price is also a huge factor. This is a well-designed product with a strong focus on user experience.

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