Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen Photo Auto Rotate Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen Photo Auto Rotate.

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  • Large Screen
  • Durable Connection
  • More room for pictures

The Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen (Black) from FotoMagico is a perfect solution for all those folks looking for a large-scale image display. Rather than having to buy specialized frames these days, you can now get a portable, durable device that runs other software programs as well to enhance the viewing experience. Depending on your usage, the Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen (Black) can be a nice fit.

Being an IPS display, the screen produces crisp, clean visuals with wider color reception. It also has a touch screen operation that eliminates distractions on the bigger screen. The included SD card can connect directly to a computer to transfer images from a digital camera.

Initial setup is fairly easy and well-illustrated. Just insert the SD card, snap it in the tray, power on the device, and select the menu item to start downloading the images you want to use.

The screen has a relatively small viewing angle, so you need to be directly in front of it to view the image. At this point, I'd like to point out that every single one of the FotoMagico brand digital frames I've looked at have used alternate/multiple names for settings that have the same functions. In fact, the Main Menu button can be found under a variety of labels, but the same thing is what it is using the same function. If this is going to be a common stance with all these devices, it's going to get a little frustrating for me – I simply can't remember "Auto Play" being called "Loop Data" with some companies. That's purely a personal evaluation and opinion, I understand a company could have their own terminology they use to distinguish between certain commands and skills, but they should have consistent names with the device they actually call the function.

The Digital Picture Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen (Black) has a dual-core processor and an internal storage space of 32GBS SD Card (16GB). While the dual-core processor and 1GB RAM are certainly nothing to write home about, they're certainly sufficient to handle the multimedia without any hiccups. Also, the SD Card goes in the slot, and while it's under the battery door, it's certainly not going to be accidentally ejected or lost. Included too is a basic on/off switch that can be assigned to a lamp or other such lights.

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